Transformational Operations & Performance (TOP) in Government & Nonprofits


You want to make a difference, but you and your team face growing demands, shrinking resources, competing pressures, and monumental challenges. Our expert instructors understand how hard it is to manage it all. This course has just what you need: operational solutions to operational problems.

Among the first of its kind, this certificate course is customized to give government and nonprofit managers in-demand expertise in service operations management. You’ll see your work in a whole new way as you learn and apply the latest in service design, delivery, and improvement for transformational results. You will enter a world of expanded opportunities as you connect with a distinct network of likeminded professionals.

In this program you will hone your leadership and management teams to:

  • Create clarity, calm, and focus on the right things for the greatest impact
  • Leverage limited resources to lighten the load, increase capacity, and improve quality
  • Give you, your team, customers, and stakeholders the best experience, outcomes, and value

This certificate will help you make stand-out contributions and gain expertise for a career-long competitive advantage.
Don’t hire an expert – become one.

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