Emotional Intelligence (EI) and a strong commitment to personal values are integral to effective leadership. Leaders with these skills are keenly aware of their emotions and the emotions of others, and they use those insights to lead, engage, and empower those around them. This program will help you hone your EI and ethical decision-making skills to make a bigger impact in your organization and become a stronger leader.


  • Learn about practices that help encourage ethical behavior in organizations.

  • Study concepts of emotional intelligence as they relate to leadership capabilities and effectiveness.

  • Learn about the role of personal and company values in building and sustaining relationships with employees and customers.

  • Gain tools to develop an emotionally intelligent and ethical workforce.

  • Discuss exceptional companies that have developed and sustained their competitive edge by using emotional intelligence techniques.


Summer Dates
Sept 15-16, 2022

Spring Dates
Mar 9-10, 2023

Summer Dates
Aug 31 – Sept 1, 2023

Course Time
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Course Price