The age-old adage that “the only thing constant is change” is as accurate as ever in the contemporary workplace. Yet, it can be hard to accept the idea that we, too, need to change.

This course focuses on how to change oneself and others by developing interpersonal skills. These skills can serve as a foundation for leader and employee behavior – a kind of lighthouse guiding personal change and performance. By developing interpersonal skills such as giving/receiving feedback, mindful interactions, and active listening, leaders and employees can increase their abilities to help others grow.

Key Concepts

  • Feedback & feedforward
  • Mindful interactions
  • Identifying strengths
  • Active listening
  • Showing compassion
  • Overcoming bad interpersonal habits


This training is ideal for supervisors, managers, and leaders who would like to help themselves and others grow through interpersonal skills.

I Need this Course Because:

  • I want to build on Interpersonal interactions that form the building blocks of organizational life.

  • I need skills to improve on interactions – from hallway conversations to formal feedback sessions, and from team meetings to strategic planning

My Organization Needs This Course Because:

  • Our Supervisors, managers, and leaders spend a considerable amount of time in interpersonal interactions

  • We want to maximize that time by providing skills to make the most of those interactions – turning them into opportunities for individual and interpersonal growth