Custom Fit Training

If you run a Utah-based, for-profit business you may qualify for Custom Fit funding to fuel employee development with Executive Education.

What is Custom Fit?

The Custom Fit Training program utilizes funds provided by the Utah State Legislature to stimulate economic development and facilitate the creation of new jobs. This flexible, custom program provides education and development to Utah for-profit businesses. Custom Fit Training is designed for both well-established businesses and growing companies. The goal of the program is to help organizations grow, train, and retain an efficient and productive employee base.

Workforce development courses are available where leaders and team members join together from several organizations to participate in many types of open enrollment training opportunities. All Executive Education courses qualify for Custom Fit funding including open enrollment offerings and custom classes for your organization.

You can read more about Custom Fit here.

The Custom Fit Training Process

Processes vary depending on county. Please contact an Executive Education representative so we can get you in touch with your Custom Fit Coordinator.