A few questions I’m often asked are: Why should I be involved as an alum? What is the benefit to me?

Graduates of the David Eccles School of Business who actively participate in the alumni network find many benefits including building their network, finding top talent early, continued learning, finding jobs,  business opportunities, and more.

Building Your Network

With more than 31,000 alumni across the globe, the opportunities for networking are endless. By participating in any of our regional or affinity alumni clubs, you’ll have the opportunity to meet graduates of the U in your area or industry with whom you can connect. We have alumni groups across the U.S. and in Norway, please make sure to update your contact info so we can send you invites to these events!

In addition to these events, you can network virtually with fantastic alumni through LinkedIn and other social media groups. Recently, Jason Wood, MBA ’11, shared his experience contacting a fellow Ute via LinkedIn:

“I just started as a Senior Financial Analyst with Intuit in the Bay Area. The only reason I received an interview was because of the connection I had made through LinkedIn with a fellow alum. We met in person for the first time at my interview!”

In addition to finding jobs, many of our alumni have combined together on business deals and start-ups.  Younger alumni find mentors in their profession and many of our graduates form lasting relationships.


Access to Top Talent

Involvement in the alumni network also provides access to top talent coming out o