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Utah Business Sentiment survey shows Utahns LOVE their outdoor-rec options

It doesn’t take a three-day weekend to get Utahns into the great outdoors. With many hitting the state’s mountain trails and reservoirs over the July 4 weekend, and Pioneer Day offering another reason to vacation just a couple weeks away, a new survey shows that the majority of Utah citizens participate in outdoor recreation at least once a week, and nearly 90 percent of [...]

2014-07-08T10:46:31-06:00July 8th, 2014|

Utahns value legal immigration’s effects on economy, according to new Utah Business Sentiment Survey

Results from a recent statewide poll reveal that over 80 percent of Utahns believe legal immigration has a positive effect on Utah’s economy, and more than three-quarters of Utahns support increasing opportunities for legal immigration. Utahns are reversed on the principle of illegal immigration though, with 63 percent believing it has a negative effect on the state’s economy. The survey, conducted in partnership by [...]

2014-06-02T09:57:32-06:00June 2nd, 2014|

Survey says: Education looms large in Utah’s economy

Results of a recent statewide poll indicate that a significant percentage of Utahns view the state’s high-quality labor force as the single greatest driver of state growth, while many believe that low levels of funding for public education pose the greatest threat to Utah’s future economic growth. The survey, conducted in partnership by Dan Jones & Associates and the David Eccles School of Business [...]