Cold weather tips & tricks to stay on time for school, work, and job interviews

February … the time of year when the Salt Lake valley endures the harshest of winter storms. A time when it snows so hard that you can’t tell where the sidewalk ends and the road begins. The driving conditions are dangerous, it’s freezing outside, and it’s really tempting to stay at home and watch Netflix all day. Ice Scraping Snow GIF from Icescraping [...]

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Five business lessons we can learn from Ariana Grande

Pop star Ariana Grande brought her Dangerous Woman Tour to Salt Lake City earlier this week, and she showed off some powerful business lessons amid the spectacle of her production. Grande has evolved into one of the world's most iconic brands that is easily recognizable around the world. Some people strive to be her, but the business-minded would be smart to take what she has [...]

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