So you want to be a Business Leader?

Do you want to learn more leadership skills? Business Leaders, Inc. (BLinc), a student group at the Eccles School, empowers students with the opportunity to collaborate with various departments within the Eccles School on projects and events. BLinc students are empowered to work directly with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other community members to promote the many opportunities available to students. Some events that BLinc. has put together [...]

2017-12-20T10:07:41-07:00January 27th, 2017|

How U Voted: A look at what students did on Election Day

The 2016 presidential election. OK, get ready, here comes the political rant worthy of being my Facebook status. Just kidding. I am not trying to get fired and thus I have prepared for you a hopefully more mild and informative way to talk about this divisive event. I asked several students to write an anonymous paragraph explaining why they voted (or abstained) the way [...]

2017-12-20T10:07:44-07:00November 17th, 2016|