David Eccles Week honors the school value of excellence

The fourth and final Eccles School value honored during David Eccles Week is Excellence. Excellence is a value our school's namesake thoroughly embodied. David Eccles wasn’t content to be successful and simply do a good job. He was exceptionally dedicated, received accolades and respect from his peers and amassed great wealth, both personally and professionally. He constantly strived for excellence in every endeavor he [...]

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Celebrate our school’s namesake during David Eccles Week

The David Eccles School of Business is celebrating its namesake and the values he embodied during David Eccles Week, which kicks off Monday, Sept. 12 and goes through Thursday, Sept. 16. The biggest event of the week is the Spencer F. Eccles Convocation on Wednesday. It’s the time when you get to hear from a top business thought leader. This year, it's John G. [...]

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