10 tips to get through a business meal with grace

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the Opportunity Scholars Etiquette Luncheon was a great way to kick off November, a month seasoned with gratitude and good company. Traditionally, this luncheon has always opened by giving students a chance to express what they are grateful for and why. Marina Neofitos, a senior in the program, began the meeting by saying she is most grateful for the community [...]

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Eccles School International Business Etiquette Series: Australia

Editor’s Note: The International Business Etiquette Series is designed to help students at the David Eccles School of Business navigate different cultures and countries as they conduct business around the globe. Did you know that Australia has population about 20 million people in country about the size of the United States? The 93% of the population has a European heritage, mainly English. The language spoken [...]

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