Opportunity Scholars connect over peer mentoring luncheon

Good food, good company, better connection. Opportunity Scholars recently took time to relax, catch-up, and connect with peers over lunch and a peer mentoring activity.  Junior and senior Scholars took the lead for this session, which focused on teamwork, the college experience, and advice on selecting a major. Peer mentoring activities are valuable. Students have the chance to create and nurture long-term, positive relationships, [...]

2020-02-26T09:52:52-07:00February 26th, 2020|

Eccles School Fashion Week

Everyone seems to like fashion, am I wrong? Everyone participates in it, everyone looks at the pictures in the magazines and wonders how they can create the same outfit or when they are rich they will just buy the really expensive clothes. Here at the David Eccles School of Business we strive for the best of ourselves and educate students in practical things, like [...]

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