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The Ins and Outs of Business Leaders Incorporated

What exactly is BLinc? Simply put, Business Leaders Incorporated (BLinc) acts as the student government for the David Eccles School of Business. BLinc strives to promote student engagement by working to connect faculty, students, alumni and other community members. One of the ways BLinc achieves this goal is by promoting and assisting the student clubs and organizations at the Eccles School. There are four [...]

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PwC’s Challenge Earns U Team Top Honors

Earlier this semester, 30 students from across the University of Utah participated in “Challenge: PwC’s Case Competition,” a fun test of finance skills in a fast-paced, hands-on simulation. Split into teams of five, students were tasked to offer recommendations and insights to the fictional country’s best business minds — a rapidly growing convenience store located in the Midwest. They were specifically looking for ways [...]

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