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Video: The David Eccles Coin

The life and legacy of David Eccles is a guiding force at the school that bears his name. Every student receives a David Eccles honors coin to remind them of the Eccles School Values, which are inscribed on the coin. The four past-embracing values are Legacy, Leadership, Perseverance and Excellence. The five forward-looking values are Transformation, Scholarship, Entrepreneurship, Community and Innovation. During the coin presentation ceremony, students are [...]

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David Eccles Coin honors school’s namesake and values

This week the David Eccles School of Business has celebrated its namesake, David Eccles, by honoring four values his life and example have contributed to the school: Legacy, Leadership, Perseverance and Excellence. Those values, depicted on the front of the new David Eccles Coin along with the bust of David Eccles, represent rich traditions and a lasting legacy here at the Eccles School. Five [...]

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