Rob Fetzer
President and COO
PEG Companies

Rob Fetzer enjoys being in the “thick of things” at PEG Companies and since the group’s inception in 2003, has made a commitment to being involved with every PEG project in all its stages. As President and Chief Operating Officer, Rob’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the company’s operations, investment decisions, profit centers, and most recently, helping to navigate the rapid and robust growth PEG is currently experiencing.

Prior to joining PEG, Rob held several positions in the commercial real estate space including brokerage, development/bond structuring, project management, and financial analysis. It was through these experiences that Rob developed an astute understanding of how to effectively manage transactional operations while still appealing to tenants, hotel guests, and its communities. Rob consults on various Economic Review Panels which provides him with a direct perspective into the public valuation processes. This valuable insight has helped the PEG teams negotiate with complete context and win better deals.

Leading one of the fastest growing commercial real estate groups in the market today, Rob believes that PEG’s strong growth trajectory is due to the emphasis PEG has placed on earning the trust of each community it impacts, and creating valued partnerships along the way. “You put your head down, you work hard to create deals, and you earn the trust of those you work with. Our success is dependent on the relationships we have with each our partners, and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” Rob says.

Rob graduated from the David Eccles School Business at the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and an MBA.