Ellis Ivory
Co-Founder, Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center

In 1964, after his graduation from the University of Utah, Ellis R. Ivory started out in the real estate business. Three years later, Ivory and his brother-in-law, Roger Boyer, formed Ivory and Boyer Company, the original developer of the Bloomington project, south of St. George, Utah.

During the 70’s, Ivory prospered in the residential lot business as Ivory and Company, developing 400 subdivisions throughout Utah. Then came 1983, a rough economic time of tough career-altering decisions for Ivory. Before then, Ivory and Company sold all of its Bloomington lots to homebuilders. However, with interest rates hitting the roof at 18%, builders were going broke and unfinished homes were being abandoned. Ivory had never wanted to be a homebuilder, but he felt he had no choice but to salvage the subdivisions. In 1983, he built 30 homes.

Five short years of unfailing long days later, Ivory Homes was the number one homebuilder in Utah, a top rank the company has maintained for the past 18 years. In 2000, Ivory sold the business to his son, Clark, who continues to build the Ivory legacy, a legacy that this summer will include the completion of the company’s ten thousandth, (yes that’s 10,000) home.

Ivory currently serves as chairman of the Board of the Deseret News Publishing Company; Vice Chairman of the Newspaper Agency Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of This is the Place Foundation.

He and his wife, Katie, have seven children and 21 grandchildren.