GKMC Winter Conference on Business Intelligence

Announcement from the WCBA Founding Chair - Olivia Sheng


Due to various reasons, the WCBA team and I need to make a few changes including – conference dates, venue, website, and organizers for WCBA 2018. In July, we thought we figured out how to make these changes. However, when we recently revisited these thoughts, we felt that there are still some issues at hand that cannot be addressed in the short run. One of the issues is that my colleagues and I have had increasing demands from other directions.

Although we would like to continue to contribute to the IS and Business Analytics community by organizing events in Utah, it makes sense that we take a year off from hosting the WCBA.

I have received a lot of interests from the WCBA community to help re-organize WCBA and plan for WCBA 2019. We welcome and appreciate any additional suggestions and support you would like to provide for organizing future WCBAs.

Please check back for an update on WCBA 2019 in July 2018.