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When you’re seeking top talent in this competitive marketplace, consider us an extension of your staffing team. Our partnerships with companies like yours provide the lifeblood of opportunities for a vast array of students, graduates, and alumni—while getting you the skills you need to get the job done. The resources on these pages offer general support. For a custom plan, contact your Relationship Manager. If you’re new to what Business Career Services can offer, reach out to Careers@Eccles.Utah.edu or (801) 213-1062.

The success of our students depends on your success.

Meet the team

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace

Fostering a workplace where people of all backgrounds can flourish and contribute is a primary goal of our employer partners. Many companies are expanding their efforts to build equity, diversity, and inclusion. While the David Eccles School of Business leads by example, Business Career Services provides resources to help you navigate the wealth of information available to you.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are essential in today’s workplace. Not only do diverse teams provide innovative ideas for growth, an inclusive culture fosters company confidence and attracts top talent.

Below you’ll find tools to help your company evaluate and benchmark the current level of inclusion in your workplace.


Crimson Projects

Mentor and partner with students on your projects with support from our team. Learn more.


Expand your reach and speed up your hiring process with this video interviewing platform. Learn more.

Host a Virtual Internship this Summer!

Need extra bandwidth for a project? Find qualified, experienced students with the critical business skills you need with the Goff Explorers Summer Internship Program. Learn more.

Upcoming Events

Get involved and network with talented students at our upcoming Fall 2022 events:

  • Doers Hired: Skills Match
    Find the skillsets you need and introduce your brand to rising talent
  • Career Exploration Classes
    Mingle with freshman to make the right impression early
  • Gear Up
    Operations and Supply Chain Club employer networking event
  • Meet the TEKs
    TEK Club host students from Information Systems, Computer Science, Data Science, Cybersecurity and Analytics

Contact your relationship manager or email Careers@Eccles.Utah.edu to connect with Eccles School students today!

Build an Internship Program

Build an internship program

Access cutting-edge skills by hiring one or several interns summer and year-round. Posted on Handshake, elements of a successful internship include:

  • A defined beginning and end
  • Job description with desired qualifications
  • Clearly defined learning objectives/goals
  • Assign a supervisor with experience in the field who provides regular feedback
  • Resources, equipment, and facilities provided by the employer
  • Hourly pay is routine for most internships. Students must pay for credit hours when working in exchange for class credit. Additional resources regarding pay for internships.

Work with your Relationship Manager to promote your internship to students through advertising and career coach connections.

Build an Internship Program

Handshake Tips & Tricks

Below you’ll find several tips and resources to maximize your reach with Handshake. Need assistance? Contact Jane Dower, Events Manager at Jane.Dower@Eccles.Utah.edu or (801) 213-2266.

Follow Handshake’s A Guide for Employers. Inside you will find instructions and videos to help you:

  • Register for virtual fairs and set your schedule
  • Employer partners with Business Career Services at the David Eccles School of Business receive complimentary career fairs
  • Encourage session registrations
  • Post-event follow-up
  • And more!
  • Schedule group meetings to share company information and answer questions students may have.
  • Offer 1:1 meeting slots with professionals to meet directly with students.
  • Secure students time and attention. Set your sessions at least 2 weeks in advance of the fair, to allow students to sign up to engage with you early.
  • Utilize Campaigns to promote your fair sessions and directly encourage students to sign up. Campaigns provide a clear call to action to increase RSVPs to your sessions. Campaigns are for Handshake Premium accounts only.
  • Follow Up After a Virtual Fair with students who participated in your sessions. Employers have access to an RSVP tab that includes student information for any students that registered for your sessions.
  • Send a Message to students. Employers with a trust score of 80 or above will be able to message students.  Companies can contact up to 100 students per recruiting season. (January 1 – June 30 and July 1 – December 31).
  • Build a Segment in Handshake. This functionality allows you to create a list of students who match a certain set of qualifications or requirements that you identify, to easily message them through the Campaign  Segments & Campaigns are for Handshake Premium accounts only.
  • Virtual Events is a great way to augment your talent strategy.  Handshake’s Guide to Hosting Virtual Recruiting Events will help with planning your event, including general tips and best practices. Premium features are for Handshake Premium accounts only.
  • Core employers are employers that are using the free version of Handshake.  Hosting Virtual Events (for Core Employers) will help you plan your event.
  • Business Career Services will help promote your virtual event to students, when you let your Relationship Manager know event details.