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Submit your pet coworker, study buddy, or assistant using the form at the bottom of this page.

Amber (Amber Dog, Amber Pup)
Amber (Amber Dog, Amber Pup)Submitted by Sheena McFarland, Marketing + Communications
Jack Russell Terrier
Primary locations: Laundry pile freshly out of the dryer;
any available blanket
Specializes in: Visitor alert, treat eating,
party hostess (when that was still a thing!)
Honors: Cuddle buddy of the year
Motivated by: Bananas, carrots, pizza crust
Bartholomew (Bart, Bartie Boy)
Bartholomew (Bart, Bartie Boy)Submitted by Mitch Daley, Marketing + Communications
American short hair
Primary locations: Wherever it’s inconvenient
Specializes in: Object gravity testing, bunting studies
Honors: Exemplary desk drawer inspector
Chowder (Chow, Chow-Chow, Mr. Chow)
Chowder (Chow, Chow-Chow, Mr. Chow)Submitted by Katie Drake, Marketing + Communications
Domestic Long Hair
Primary locations: Top bunk bed, guest bedroom bed
Specializes in: Advanced Napping Solutions, Digital Literacy Through Walking on Keyboards, Box Sitting Strategies
Honors: Voted Most Surly Class of 2020
Motivated by: Rotisserie chicken, tuna
LouieSubmitted by Jessie Richards, Assistant Professor/Lecture Management
Golden Doodle
Primary locations: At my feet on the floor
Specializes in: Sleeping, barking at the doorbell, licking keyboards,
box sitting strategies
Honors: Emotional support animal for pandemic-related woes
Motivated by: Steak
RockySubmitted by Katie Abby, BCS
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Primary locations: Anywhere I am,
although he has a bed under my desk
Specializes in: Runs, walks, snuggling, and retrieving out of the creek
Talents: World-class taljer and the BCS ESA dog
Motivated by: Steak
Terra (Terra-ble, Terr Terr)
Terra (Terra-ble, Terr Terr)Submitted by April Wilson, Alumni Relations & Development
Primary locations: At mom or dad’s feet, or on mom’s side of the bed
Specializes in: Security and perimeter checks, mail carrier critic,
cat enthusiast
Hobbies: Harassing feline siblings, sighing loudly,
general dramatic performances
Motivated by: Salmon
Honey Bunny
Honey BunnySubmitted by Tara Hardison, The Office of Student Engagement & Assessment
Holland Lop
Primary locations: Running circles around my feet
Specializes in: Running Tara’s life, being adorable
Hobbies: Snacking & snuggling
Motivated by: Bananas
ShadowSubmitted by Ali Tomney, UAS
Bombay cat
Primary locations: In HIS bed (in the guest room)
Specializes in: Sleeping, stretching, and whining
Talents: Being too photogenic for me to handle
Motivated by: literally any food
Mojie (Moj, Moj-Meister, Good Boy)
Mojie (Moj, Moj-Meister, Good Boy)Submitted by Schaun Davis, Business Career Services
Border Terrier
Primary locations: Livingroom window, wherever his people are,
a spot in the sun
Specializes in: Neighborhood watch, backyard patrol,
running for the sheer joy of it
Awards: Best continuous toy squeaking; Best snuggle buddy
Motivated by: Bacon-wrapped sweet potato
Booger (Boog Millie)
Booger (Boog Millie)Submitted by Kaylee Miller, OIS - MSIS & MSBA
Long haired domestic
Primary locations: On the couch, on top of tall shelves, or in my lap
Specializes in: Cell phone charger destruction
and faking injuries (to get treats)
Hobbies: Attacking the shower curtain, collecting my hair ties, and swatting the blind’s pull strings
Motivated by: Shrimp, turkey, chicken, and yogurt
Cooper (Cooper Roo, Coop-a-Loop, Baby Cooper)
Cooper (Cooper Roo, Coop-a-Loop, Baby Cooper)Submitted by Raven Clissold , Professional MBA
Primary locations: Any available lap,
anywhere there’s grass, snow, or water
Specializes in: Being super cute, barking at strangers, car rides,
acts like he’s starving to get more food
Awards: Best personality
Motivated by: Trick treats, water, and snow
Atesh (Tesh, Fzz-Gig, Ruggleapagus, Hamhock)
Atesh (Tesh, Fzz-Gig, Ruggleapagus, Hamhock)Submitted by Regina Mavis, Finance
Main Coon/Tabby
Primary locations: Washington
Specializes in: Fashion & Psychology
Hobbies: Herding, Comforting & Clowning
Motivated by: Prawns & Tuna
Gerald (Jerry, Ja-kitty)
Gerald (Jerry, Ja-kitty)Submitted by Kaylee Miller, OIS - MSIS & MSBA
Primary locations: In a chair or waiting in the kitchen for you
to drop some food
Specializes in: Attacking invisible objects, smelling food from across the house, and purring loudly
Hobbies: Cuddling with his best friend, Bear the German Shepherd
Motivated by: Literally any food
Bauer (B-Man of the Hour, Bobo)
Bauer (B-Man of the Hour, Bobo)Submitted by Kaylee Miller, OIS - MSIS & MSBA
German Shepherd
Primary locations: Right outside any room I’m in (guarding)
Specializes in: Yodeling, stampeding outside or back inside,
and surveillance
Hobbies: Learning new tricks, trying so hard to be a good boy,
and going down the slide at the park
Motivated by: Peanut butter filled pretzels
AlfieSubmitted by Whitney Sanderson, EGLA
Yorkie Silky Mix
Primary locations: Lounge Chair, front window, hiding under the bed
Specializes in: Napping, toy chewing, family cuddle expert,
security barker
Talents: Being a scaredy dog and all-around barker
Motivated by: Cucumbers, watermelon and greenies
Catmandu (Mandu, Kittyboo, Buddy, Little Bugger)
Catmandu (Mandu, Kittyboo, Buddy, Little Bugger)Submitted by Jane Dower, Business Career Services
Siamese mix
Primary locations: Salt Lake City
Specializes in: Constant companion, howling, sleeping, hugging
Talents: Keyboard dancer and tail end Zoom/Teams flasher
Motivated by: Cat bickies
Maisey (Maisey Moose, Maisey Crockett)
Maisey (Maisey Moose, Maisey Crockett)Submitted by Lauren Voorhees, Undergraduate Advising Services
Golden Retriever
Primary locations: Couch, above or below all AC vents,
all piles of clean laundry
Specializes in: Sassy attitude studies, inverted sleeping positions
Talents: Obsessively chasing tennis balls, eating from the garbage, emotional support cuddles,
barking at everything that moves, sassing her mama
Motivated by: Entire pizzas, peanut butter, sunny side up eggs,
rolls of toilet paper
Murphy (Mr. Murph, Murphalicious)
Murphy (Mr. Murph, Murphalicious)Submitted by Rachel Osterman, Eccles Salesforce Team
Terrier mix
Primary locations: Beds, laps
Specializes in: Sleeping with his belly up and
tongue out, snoring loudly
Hobbies: Cuddling, extracting treats from toys as quickly as possible
Motivated by: Bacon, carrots, peanut butter
Kitty City (Kitty, fuzzy beast) and Sam (Sammy, Sammy-Samerson, Stinky Pete, Sir)
Kitty City (Kitty, fuzzy beast) and Sam (Sammy, Sammy-Samerson, Stinky Pete, Sir) Submitted by Stacey Thompson, Salesforce Team
Domestic Shorthair
Primary locations: Kitty can be found in any available empty box and Sam worshipping/waiting for food to come out of his automatic feeder
Specializes in: Being adorable and hilarious, playing fetch, chasing laser points, and providing emotional support via cuddling
Hobbies: Pawing at your leg and meowing at you until they get food, and intensely judging their humans (see photo)
Motivated by: Cod (Kitty) and chicken (Sam)
Fin (black & white) and Navy (brown)
Fin (black & white) and Navy (brown) Submitted by Alayna Williamson, Finance/Business Scholars/Admissions
Teacup Yorkshire Terriers
Primary locations: Kitchen begging for human food
Specializes in: Sleeping, barking, and cuddling
Motivated by: Anything NOT in the dogfood genre
June (Junie, June Bug, Junith, Stinky Dinky)
June (Junie, June Bug, Junith, Stinky Dinky) Submitted by Hannah Hill, Professional MBA (Staff)
Doberman/Blue Heeler Mix
Primary locations: Any patch of sun, a
maximum of one foot away from her moms
Specializes in: Peanut butter detection,
providing background music during Zoom meetings
Honors: Ears recognized nationally for softness
Motivated by: Cheese, whatever Trader Joes treats
cause the stinkiest breath
Gizmo & Gadget (Cat & Little Cat)
Gizmo & Gadget (Cat & Little Cat)Submitted by Nate Zwart, School of Accounting
North American Domestic
Primary locations: On a lap, on the Lovesac, or wherever the food is
Specializes in: Nutrition with an emphasis
in ingestion and regurgitation
Talents: Keeping your lap nice and warm in the cold winter months
Motivated by: Cheetos and salmon
Noxious (Nox or Noxy)
Noxious (Nox or Noxy)Submitted by Victoria Cabal, Office for Student Inclusion
Primary locations: Basking in the sun, napping on the couch, curled up on a lap
Specializes in: Meowing for attention or just to say something
Awards: Softest cat in the world
Motivated by: A lick of ice cream if she can get it
Millie (Millie Anne, Mill-Mill, Mills, Bubs)
Millie (Millie Anne, Mill-Mill, Mills, Bubs)Submitted by Meghan Bubel, MAcc, MSF, MRED
Labrador Retriever
Primary locations: Curled up on her bed watching me work
Specializes in: Fetch, cuddles, being a good girl
Hobbies: Recycling cans, opening the fridge on command, river rafting
Otis (Piglet, Little Man, The Toothless Wonder)
Otis (Piglet, Little Man, The Toothless Wonder)Submitted by Lisa Collins, Marketing + Communications
Chihuahua and Boston Terrier Mix
Primary locations: Bed, couch, and wherever people food resides
Specializes in: Kitchen Clean-up, Home Security, and
Family Heating Pad
Doby (Yittle)
Doby (Yittle)Submitted by Lisa Collins, Marketing + Communications
Orange Tabby Mix
Primary locations: Bed, window sill, tiny boxes
Specializes in: Water Observation, Door Monitoring, Cuddling
BuzzSubmitted by Parker Law, OSC
Primary locations: Anywhere I am
Specializes in: Sleeping + Eating (double major)
with Zoomies emphasis
Honors: Puzzle champion, aspiring guard dog
Motivated by: Chicken, whipped cream, cheese
AtlasSubmitted by Carley Cooper, BCS Marketing Team
Lynx Point Siamese
Primary locations: Moms pillow while she’s sleeping
Specializes in: Hiding in cupboards, going on walks in my stroller,
and watching birds
Awards: Prettiest and sassiest Feline on the block
Motivated by: Salmon
ChiliSubmitted by Carley Cooper, BCS Marketing Team
Green Wing Macaw
Primary locations: Anything high up: Her perch, showers,
tops of chairs, and anywhere around people!
Specializes in: Singing opera and being a friend to everyone
Awards: The world’s cutest pet (and she knows it too)
Motivated by: Macaroni and popsicles!
Little Bird (LB, Turdly-Bird, Little Baby)
Little Bird (LB, Turdly-Bird, Little Baby)Submitted by Sophia Blankevoort, Business Administration
Parrot – Conure
Primary locations: The tallest shoulder or head in the room, in the air, on tables and chairs
Specializes in: Causing mischief, major in human communication, cuddling 101
Hobbies: Loves to laugh (at people), attack bird, most loving, cutest, and sweetest household member, loves giving kisses
Motivated by: Rice, ginger, seeds, apple, pasta,
anything a person’s eating
Chef (Cheffie, Lil Chef)
Chef (Cheffie, Lil Chef)Submitted by Trevor May, Information Systems
Great Pyrenees
Primary locations: The couch, the dog park,
his watchtower (our balcony)
Specializes in: Advanced barking, Food science, Chew Toy Destruction
Hobbies: Sleeping, napping, snoozing with zoomies in between
Motivated by: Scrambled eggs
Ginger (Ging, Gingy, Baby, Stink Butt)
Ginger (Ging, Gingy, Baby, Stink Butt)Submitted by Katie Drake, Marketing + Communications
Pitbull terrier
Primary locations: Wherever her people are,
preferably on their laps
Specializes in: Advanced Snuggling Techniques, Dropped
Food Optimization, Masters of Animal Playmate Administration
Hobbies: Official COVID-19 School-at-Home Recess Monitor
Motivated by: Peanut butter, sausage
Bing Clawsby (Bing, Bing Bong)
Bing Clawsby (Bing, Bing Bong)Submitted by Mitch Daley, Marketing + Communications
American short hair
Primary locations: Cozy closets
Specializes in: Purring 101, nap studies, mew pathology program
Honors: Boop snoots laureate
BaileySubmitted by Terry Pavia, Marketing
Primary locations: Dog bed
Specializes in: Getting petted, squeaky toys
Motivated by: Sweet potatoes, salmon
Roland (Roland the Funslinger, Rolando, Rolly Polly)
Roland (Roland the Funslinger, Rolando, Rolly Polly)Submitted by Ben Abbey, Marketing + Communications
Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel
Primary locations: Laying at the feet of the nearest human
Specializes in: Psychological manipulation through cuteness
Hobbies: Eating, hunting own tail, eating more
Motivated by: Walks, squirrels, head pats
JunoSubmitted by Ali Tomney, UAS
Primary locations: Livingroom window; in our bed
Specializes in: Sleeping, barking at delivery personnel,
and learning new tricks
Honors: Senior V.P. of Snuggles Inc.
Motivated by: Freeze-dried salmon bites
Trixie (Trixiedawg, dog-a-wog)
Trixie (Trixiedawg, dog-a-wog)Submitted by Deborah Hansen, Finance
German Shepherd/Greyhound
Primary locations: Couch (by me), spare room (aka husband’s office)
Specializes in: Trainer (she walks us 4-5 times a day), snuggler, security
Talents: Destroying ‘indestructible’ dog toys
Motivated by: Dog food, apples, jerky
MidnightSubmitted by Ali Tomney, UAS
Primary locations: My desk, between me and the computer
Specializes in: Demanding attention, or ignoring you completely
Hobbies: Zoom-bombing student appointments
Motivated by: Salmon dog treats
Kitty Boy
Kitty BoySubmitted by Monica Stapley, IT Group
British Shorthair-Manx Mix
Primary locations: Any room with mom, USA
Specializes in: Sleeping on mom’s face,
playing fetch with the same ball for 11 years
Honors: Ph.D. in food regurgitation and apathy
Motivated by: Grasshoppers, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and worms
DuganSubmitted by Rachel Hayes, Accounting
Ginger Retriever
Primary locations: Any room with mom, USA
Specializes in: Resting, groaning, rolling in things that smell gross
Talents: Master of disguising himself as something that smells gross
Sargeant (Sarge, Sargie, Sausage)
Sargeant (Sarge, Sargie, Sausage)Submitted by Mikel Brownie, Facilities Group
Pit Bull / Bassett mix
Primary locations: Wherever mom is
or sleeping on the bed upside down
Specializes in: Standing guard over the neighborhood
at the bay window
Talents: Sleeping, snoring, 7-yard dash, eating,
looking at you with forlorn eyes
Motivated by: Anything that looks edible
DoctorSubmitted by Maclean Gaulin , Accounting
Australian Kelpie
Primary locations: Where throwable toys are
Specializes in: Fetch, fetching, bringing things back for more fetching,
running after balls, dropping toys on you for throwing, and fetch
Honors: Fetch champion
Motivated by: Stuffed animals
Chloe the Cat
Chloe the CatSubmitted by Ben Repak , Salesforce Team
Domestic shorthair
Primary locations: Sleeping on the warm internet router
Specializes in: Being the best companion ever
Hobbies: Giving jumping headbutts and playing fetch
Motivated by: Brie, tuna tartare, and
warm milk served at 28 degrees Celsius
Maggie Jo (Josephine, #MaggieWag, Gee-Bee)
Maggie Jo (Josephine, #MaggieWag, Gee-Bee)Submitted by Kaylee Miller, OIS - MSIS & MSBA
Chihuahua mix
Primary locations: Under a blanket or by a heater
Specializes in: The art of persistence, cuddling,
and keeping the cats in line
Talents: Intimidating large dogs and being scrappy
Motivated by: Stolen cat food, chips, and yogurt
Berkley (Stinker, Dummy)
Berkley (Stinker, Dummy)Submitted by Kris Bosman, Alumni Relations + Development
English Springer Spaniel
Primary locations: Salt Lake City / Couch / my bed
Specializes in: Chasing tennis balls, trying to sneak food off of the counter, chasing the poor innocent cat, generally being a puppy
Awards: Cutest Quarantine Puppy in the neighborhood
(and there are a few!)
Motivated by: Bacon, bacon, and bacon
Cooper (Coopie, Coople)
Cooper (Coopie, Coople)Submitted by MaryAnne Hafen, Business Career Services
Australian Cattle Dog
Talents: Gives a firm handshake
Awards: Master Fetcher
Bear (Goose, Baby Blue, Alf)
Bear (Goose, Baby Blue, Alf)Submitted by Kaylee Miller, OIS - MSIS & MSBA
German Shepherd
Location: Halfway in my lap, dog bed, or kitchen floor
Specializes in: Comfort hugology, the art of stealing firewood,
and pouting practices
Hobbies: Playing with his bacon-flavored bone, hide and seek, and
putting the cat’s whole head in his mouth
Motivated by: Blueberries, carrots, and chicken
Lady Ann Trottsie Miller (Annie, Ann Pans)
Lady Ann Trottsie Miller (Annie, Ann Pans)Submitted by Kaylee Miller, OIS - MSIS & MSBA
German Shepherd
Location: Bottom of the stairs, in the hallway, and
basically anywhere that’s in the way of walking
Specializes in: Selective hearing and
putting an odd spin on Classical Conditioning
Hobbies: Herding the cats, carefully removing
ornaments from the tree, and eating odd things (like blankets)
Motivated by: Peanut butter and trail-mix
Wicket (Wickie, Miss Wickie, Bean, Bug, Bear, Princess Tinkle-Trots McPiddleton, Short Cheese)
Wicket (Wickie, Miss Wickie, Bean, Bug, Bear, Princess Tinkle-Trots McPiddleton, Short Cheese) Submitted by Greg Francom, Marketing + Communications
Location: Laps, couch, puffer coats when available
Specializes in: Master’s in leisure studies; undergrad major in PRT, Pets, Recreation, and Treats; minor in human psychology manipulation. Current roles include Director of Security and Head of WFH HR
Hobbies: Going on walks, snuggling, playing stick, car rides, Puppy of the Month 116 months running
Motivated by: Bell peppers, peanut butter, salmon, crunch, whatever is on your plate
Koshka (Kitty)
Koshka (Kitty)Submitted by Jenny McConnell, Finance
Shorthair white/tabby mix
Location: On her various perches basking in the sun
Specializes in: How she can be close enough to be with us in the same room, but far enough where we can’t touch her
Hobbies: When I do let my humans hold me, digging my claws in their shoulder while I make biscuits is my favorite
Pequita (Pecas)
Pequita (Pecas) Submitted by Vanessa Johnson-Ojeda, Office of Student Engagement & Assessment
Location: Wherever she pleases
Specializes in: Napping, snoring, sass, security,
emotional support, snuggles
Awards: Best rescue puppers since 2016
Motivated by: Ham and whatever you are eating
Absaroka Jackson (Jax, Buddy, Red Dog)
Absaroka Jackson (Jax, Buddy, Red Dog) Submitted by Philip Jeffs, School of Accounting
Location: Center of attention–at all times!
Specializes in: Guest student for at home filming of accounting classes.
He knows more about tax than most humans.
Talents: Teasing anyone or anything, regardless of phylum
Motivated by: Bison and liver
FinneganSubmitted by Marlene Plumlee, Accounting
Soft-coated Wheaton terrier
Location: My feet
Specializes in: Destroying things of value; Constant overwhelming
enthusiasm — for everything
Talents: Digging in the snow
Motivated by: Anything on the counter; Chicken bologna
Roxy (tan)/Remi (brindle)
Roxy (tan)/Remi (brindle)Submitted by Lauren Lance, Finance
Location: Living Room
Specializes in: Weird Noises, Visitor Alerters, Pacing when it is time for food and dramatic performances
Motivated by: Soft Tortilla Shells and any kind of dog bones
Moki (Mokkers, Mokster, Bad Boy)
Moki (Mokkers, Mokster, Bad Boy)Submitted by Laurie Bragg, OIS Department
Catahoola (mostly)
Location: dog bed, or daughter’s bed if she’s home
Specializes in: Sleeping, Snuggling, Running, Chasing deer while going deaf to master’s calls, eagerly awaiting his next meal
Talents: 23 & Me says I have a gene for human expressions. Also, I can digest anything that fits in my mouth
Motivated by: All foods
Zoe (Baby Girl)
Zoe (Baby Girl)Submitted by Lisa Collins, Marketing + Communications
Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix
Location: Bed, lap, blanket
Specializes in: Blanket Burrowing, Scavenging Unattended Food
Isabella Catellini (Izzy, Iz Biz, Iggy, Miss Iz)
Isabella Catellini (Izzy, Iz Biz, Iggy, Miss Iz)Submitted by Lisa Collins, Marketing + Communications
Calico Mix
Location: Clothes drawers, boxes, cat tube
Specializes in: Chirping, Laser Light Studies, Cardboard Connoisseur
TiccoSubmitted by Hailey Lebold, Pre-Business BS
Orange Tabby Cat
Location: My bed or the couch
Specializes in: Sleeping and laying in the sun
Hobbies: Crying whenever he wants any sort of attention
Motivated by: Anything with cheese or salt
Keoni, “KoKo”, “Marty”, “Moshi”, and “Koji”
Keoni, “KoKo”, “Marty”, “Moshi”, and “Koji”Submitted by Alicia Kent, Business Administration
English Bulldog
Location: The couch, lawn, and kitchen
Specializes in: Benefits of sleeping on your back and being a grump
Hobbies: Sunning myself in the backyard, taking long naps on the couch, and waiting under the counter for food
Motivated by: Pasta and Tortillas
SoxSubmitted by Katie Laessig, Finance, BS
Black Lab/Pit mix
Primary locations: Anywhere outside
Specializes in: Sleeping, follower, hiker
Talents: High fives for days
Motivated by: Chicken
Marley (Mars, Marley bug, chunk, snuggle butt)
Marley (Mars, Marley bug, chunk, snuggle butt)Submitted by Abby Harris, Marketing
Lab Mix
Primary locations: Right next to me…always
Specializes in: Fetching, walks, begging, and scaring you
Awards: Fastest Eater Award and best handshakes
Motivated by: Literally anything…
Kuma (Mama bear, fluffy, fluff butt)
Kuma (Mama bear, fluffy, fluff butt)Submitted by Abby Harris, Marketing
American Akita
Primary locations: Floor
Specializes in: Being the best fluffy pillow and sleeping
Talents: Shedding everywhere and protecting our home from birds
Motivated by: Snow and ice cubes. Anything she can find.

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