Reeves Coursey is graduating with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations and a minor in Mathematics for his hard work with his thesis titled “A Panel Analysis of Temperature and Sales in Utah.” Reeves is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He accepted an offer from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to help with economics research for the next two years. After that, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in economics. Congratulations Reeves, and welcome to your alumni network! Read on to learn more about Reeves’ thesis and her answers to our questions about her Eccles Experience.

Tell us something about your thesis – your research, your findings, or what you learned:

In this paper, I document that seasonal temperatures have significant effects on Utah’s economy, both at the aggregate level and across different industries. A 1-degree Fahrenheit temperature increase results in a $3.418 million decrease in sales in the fall.

What was your most memorable experience as an Eccles student?

Developing relationships with the QAMO faculty. They inspired me to pursue a Ph.D., and I always love talking with them.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank, acknowledge or shout out?

Scott Schaefer, Jen Brown, and Elena Patel. I am forever grateful for your help and inspiration these last 4 years.