Luke Jowers is graduating with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science for his hard work with his thesis titled “Partisanship’s Impact on Voting Behavior.” Luke was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and will be working at a tech firm called Palantir after graduation. He will be doing big data work with large corporations, military and intelligence organizations, and the government. Congratulations Luke, and welcome to your alumni network! Read on to learn more about Luke’s thesis and his answers to our questions about his Eccles Experience.

Tell us something about your thesis – your research, your findings, or what you learned:

My results concluded that more ideologically extreme individuals (i.e. more partisan) participates are more likely to vote. This is unfortunate because a majority of Americans are in the political center, thus showing why American elected officials are typically more partisan than the general public.

What was your most memorable experience as an Eccles student?

Business Scholar Trip to Chicago

Is there anyone you’d like to thank, acknowledge or shout out?

My professors and fellow QAMO graduates.