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Austin Hendrickson

Austin Hendrickson is the 2020 outstanding graduate for his tremendous achievements in the Management program. Austin Hendrickson is the 2020 outstanding graduate for his tremendous achievements in the Management program. Austin came to the University of Utah from Centerville, UT and will be graduating with his undergraduate degree in Management. His plans after graduation include a move out to the East Coast to pursue his M.Ed. in Higher Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. “Austin epitomizes what it means to be an outstanding Eccles student! He is curious, innovative, strategic, empathetic, and tenacious in his pursuit of excellence and his goal to increase educational access,” said Laura Schwartz. “By serving as an ethical role model and student advocate, Austin has strengthened collaboration and inclusion efforts across Eccles student organizations, the Business Student Government (BLinc.), and student services! His undergraduate legacy at the Eccles School is elevated by the fact that he has mobilized others to get involved both in and outside of the classroom. Having worked alongside of a leader like Austin makes me energized and optimistic for the future!” Lindsey Gibson, Associate Professor in the Department of Management also added, “Austin has many characteristics that place him at the top of the Management class, but the one that stands out the most is his ability to demonstrate empathy and compassion to those around him. His academic achievements are a clear indicator of how talented he is scholastically, but measuring qualities such as empathy and compassion are not easily done. He demonstrates these components of emotional intelligence in his daily interactions with fellow colleagues and faculty. Austin is going to be the authentic manager that we would all like to work for in the future.” Congratulations Austin, and welcome to your alumni network! Read on to see Austin’s answers to our questions about his Eccles Experience.

What was your most memorable experience as an Eccles student?

Honestly, my entire senior year. Getting to work with Student Engagement & Assessment and support student leadership and equity/inclusion work; with BLinc. putting on events, trainings, and service projects for the student body; restarting Out for Business at the Eccles School and working to create space for LGBTQ+ students in business; and serving as a co-chair of the U’s Pride Week Committee were all such fantastic experiences that made me so grateful to attend a school dedicated to empowering its students to make a difference in our community.

What clubs, competitions, and/or activities did you participate in?

BLinc., Out for Business, Business Scholars, Dance Marathon at the U, Professional Business Leaders. Worked for Student Engagement & Assessment, Business Scholars, and Business Career Services (Corporate Outreach).

What was your favorite class?

STRAT 5850 (Employment Law) with Colee Pyne

Is there anyone you’d like to thank, acknowledge or shout out?

SO Many: Tara Hardison, Laura Schwartz, Loretta Muldoon, Vanessa Johnson, Katie Abby, Diana Woodbury, Natalie Boudreau, Kate Cañas, Erica Rojas, Lisa Meldrum, Ashley Judd, Colee Pyne, Mandy Hamelstrom, Emily Land, Ruchi Watson, Victoria Cabal, Paige Lichtenwalter, Shyanne Kaing, Katie Drake, and probably 100 more that I could list, but I realize that this list is long already.