Women in Business Philanthropy Drive

Help support women and families experiencing homelessness

Women in Business (WiB) would like to encourage you to participate in our spring philanthropy initiative focusing on women in our community who experience homelessness. WiB seeks to intentionally engage with our core values, which include community. With that in mind, we hope to contribute to fostering energy in order to impact important community issues.

WiB Philanthropy Drive: March 27 – April 24

Pick out something from our Amazon Registry, purchase it, and have it sent to the Eccles School. We will distribute them to the organizations. Simply select an item you want to donate on the registry, its quantity, color, size, etc. and click “Add to Cart.” When choosing the shipping address, use the address below:

WIB Philanthropy, Attn: Tara Hardison
1655 East Campus Center Drive, Rm 1120
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

We will receive your donation and get it out to the organizations at the end of April!


Purchase something yourself and drop it in our donation bin in the SFEBB Lobby.

High-Need Items

  • Bath Towels
  • Women’s Underwear

  • Bed Sheets (Twin, Full, & Queen)
  • Diapers Sizes 4,5,6

Guidelines for Purchasing Items to Donate

All donations will benefit our partner organizations.




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I gift donate items specifically to one of the three organizations?

Of course! Just make a note on your Amazon Registry purchase in the gift message, or tape a message on to any items you drop off in our bin in SFEBB. We will make sure your donation goes where you direct it.

Can I donate funds instead of goods?

You can always donate funds directly to each organization via their website, however, due to regulations at the university level, we cannot accept or handle those funds and cannot pair it with this drive. Visit each organization’s website below to donate funds directly on your own.




















Can I get a receipt of my donation for tax purposes?

We can work with the organizations individually to get you an in-kind donation form.  If you are interested in this, please contact Kris.Fenn@Eccles.Utah.edu or Tara.Hardison@Eccles.Utah.edu

Is there a day I can help deliver the items?

We are currently determining the day/time we will deliver items. Please check back for more information.

Question not covered here?

Please input your question below and we will respond as quickly as possible, or contact Tara.Hardison@Eccles.Utah.edu or Kris.Fenn@Eccles.Utah.edu.