Spend four weeks in London or Paris in June 2017

From May 30 to June 28, students are able to spend four weeks in London or Paris, earning 3 credit hours by taking classes Monday through Thursday, including extracurricular cultural experiences. The seminar-style, case-based courses are taught by Eccles School faculty in an intensive four-week format. Two lectures will be taught by local faculty members. The overnight cultural excursion will focus on immersion in food culture, film culture, art history or other areas. When students arent in class Friday through Sunday, they may travel to other European destinations. In the past, students have visited Greece, Italy, Spain and other nations.

London Only

This course integrates (International Financial Reporting Standards) IFRS into a financial accounting course and leverages comparisons between US GAAP and IFRS to enhance the development of a critical thinking approach to financial accounting and reporting. The goal of the course is to enhance student understanding of the links between the underlying transactions, the application of reporting standards for those transactions and the financial reports obtained. In addition, the course will provide students with a basic understanding of IFRS.

Paris Only

Marketing primarily deals with customer-focused business issues that can determine the success of failure of a firm. In this course, we teach the language of marketing, introduce the core concepts of effective marketing and discuss the various factors that influence marketing decision making. We will concentrate on key business decisions concerning product attributes, promotional campaigns, pricing strategies, distribution efforts, market segmentation and strategy formulation. We also present a framework for understanding the factors that affect a marketers decisions and the role of marketing in a small businesses, corporations and society. You will better understand these topics through some combination of lecture, textbook material, case discussions, videos, guest speakers from industry and discussion of current marketing issues.

This course is for Business Majors and Business Minors, Non-business majors are encouraged to take MKTG 3000.

Paris Only

An undergraduate honors course combining the writings of classical authors from philosophy, economics, history, literature, business, religion, science, etc. with a students ownexperience and knowledge of business. This discussion format course will emphasize the conceptual and human value based nature of business thought as seen through the eyes of the classical authors and as applied to the fields of accounting, finance, management,marketing, and production. Vigorous in-class discussions will be complemented by student-written papers focused on specific business cases applying the conceptual notions discussed in class. Students will be challenged to reexamine their own preconceptions of business, learn how others view business and form a firm foundation on which future academic studies of business can be built.

Sample Syllabus
Sample Schedule

Cost Breakdown

What’s Included
Tuition, housing, intercity transportation, opening lunch, closing dinner, intercity cultural activities, student discount card, overnight excursion, insurance.

What’s Not Included
Transportation to/from, food, incidentals.