Spend four weeks in London, Paris or Rome in July 2017

From June29 to July 28, students are able to spend four weeks in London, Paris or Rome, earning 3credit hours by taking classes Monday through Thursday, including extracurricular cultural experiences. The seminar-style, case-based courses are taught by Eccles School faculty in an intensive four-week format. Two lectures will be taught by local faculty members. The overnight cultural excursion will focus on immersion in food culture, film culture, art history or other areas. When students arent in class Friday through Sunday, they may travel to other European destinations. In the past, students have visited Greece, Italy, Spain and other nations.

Paris Only

Financing of international transactions, balance of payments between nations, adjustment mechanism to deficits (surpluses), international financial institutions and structures, and foreign exchange markets.

London Only

This course teaches students important theories in strategy and allows them to apply the theories to real business situations through the extensive use of cases. Students learn key frameworks and analytical tools that help managers allocate company resources, and develop strategies to gain competitive advantages over rival firms. Course topics include industry analysis, internal analysis, business level strategies, diversification, strategic alliances, and mergers and acquisitions. The course carries a substantial reading and writing load. Students are expected to actively participate in class and case discussions.

Rome Only

The overall course objective is to provide each student with a working knowledge and understanding of the law as it pertains to business concepts and issues. Course topics include intentional torts, contracts, agency, property, negligence and strict liability, constitutional law, and copyright.

Sample Syllabus
Sample Schedule

Cost Breakdown

What’s Included
Tuition, housing, intercity transportation, opening lunch, closing dinner, intercity cultural activities, student discount card, overnight excursion, insurance.

What’s Not Included
Transportation to/from, food, incidentals.