Eight Weeks in Two Cities

June and July 2017

From May 30 to July 28, students are able to choose two cities below

Students are able to spend eightweeks in two cities, earning 9 credit hours by taking classes Monday through Thursday, including extracurricular cultural experiences. The seminar-style, case-based courses are taught by Eccles School faculty in an intensive four-week format. Two lectures will be taught by local faculty members. Twoovernight cultural excursions will focus on immersion in food culture, film culture, art history or other areas. When students arent in class Friday through Sunday, they may travel to other European destinations. In the past, students have visited Greece, Italy, Spain and other nations.




Accounting 5140
Strategy 5700


Business 1051


Marketing 3011
Finance 4550


Strategy 3410

Full 8-week Optional Independent Study

Students have the option of fulfilling BUS 3800 Business & Social Science OR BUS 3900 Business & Humanities over an eight-week optional independent study. This independent study course is a compare and contrast of commercial and cultural differences of all 20districts in your Paris, and the various regions of London or Rome. During this course, your task is to perform the following:

  • Visit no more than five of the 20districts during a given week
  • Establish a personal blog
    • Blog posts should be 300 words or more describing district visit experience
    • Upload your blog link to Canvas (once per week)
    • Include 5 selfie photos with specific attractions
Sample Syllabus
Sample Schedule

Cost Breakdown

What’s Included
Tuition, housing, intercity transportation, opening lunch, closing dinner, intercity cultural activities, student discount card, overnight excursion, insurance.

What’s Not Included
Transportation to/from, food, incidentals.