BS/MS Information Systems Co-Terminal Degree

The BS/MS Information Systems co-terminal degree is a unique option for current University of Utah Information Systems majors to complete the MSIS program concurrently with their undergraduate degree. The BS/MS program allows for a seamless, integrated program of study and a pre-screened, expedited MSIS admissions process. Students in this combined program can begin taking graduate courses as soon as the beginning of their senior year, and BS/MS students are eligible for a $4,400 scholarship upon matriculation to the MSIS program.

BS/MS students will graduate with both their BS and MS Information Systems degrees. Both degrees are conferred simultaneously following completion of the entire co-terminal program. Students complete a minimum of 152 credit hours.

Undergraduate students in the BS/MS program are allowed to take up to 12 credit hours of graduate-level courses while still classified as an undergraduate student to be used in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the graduate degree.

Students can apply to be pre-screened for the BS/MS program as soon as they have completed 90 undergraduate credit hours and have grades posted for a minimum of 3 upper-division IS courses. Once pre-screened to start the BS/MS program, undergraduate students can start to enroll in graduate IS courses.

Students will then submit an official university graduate program application for the MSIS Online program during the semester in which they will have completed both their undergraduate degree requirements and up to 12 graduate credits.

The ultimate authority to admit a student into any graduate program is the University of Utah Graduate School. As such, pre-screening approval does not guarantee admission into the MSIS program. However, applicants are carefully evaluated during the pre-screening process and it’s predicted that most pre-screened applicants will be admitted to the graduate program.

Students will follow all official MSIS application requirements with the exception of GMAT/GRE and recommendations requirements. Once admitted to the MSIS program and matriculated into graduate status, all BS/MS students are awarded a scholarship (approximately $4,400) as part of the co-terminal program.

Pre-screening Application

  • Accepted University of Utah IS major
  • Minimum of 90 credits completed
  • Grades posted for a minimum of 3 upper-division IS courses
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA
  • 3.0 minimum GPA in upper-division IS courses
  • Statement of purpose essay
  • Resume
Submit your BS/MS Application

MSIS Application

  • Eccles School online application and fee
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA
  • Resume
  • Statement of purpose essay
    • Your essay from the pre-screening application can be used for this requirement.
Submit your Official MSIS Application
Once admitted to the MSIS program and matriculated to graduate status, all BS/MS students are awarded a scholarship of $4,400 as part of the co-terminal program. The BS/MS scholarship is awarded in full during student’s first semester as a matriculated MSIS student.
  • At 90 credit hours (or later) in their undergraduate program, undergraduate IS students apply to be pre-screened for the BS/MS program. Applicants must also have grades posted for at least 3 upper-division IS courses at time of pre-screening application.
  • If accepted, students can take up to 12 graduate credits while completing their undergraduate degree.
  • Students will officially apply for the MSIS program during the semester in which they will complete credit requirements for their undergraduate degree and up to 12 graduate IS credits.
  • Once formally admitted to the MSIS program, students complete the remaining credit hours required for the MSIS degree.
  • Students graduate with their BS and MS in Information Systems at the same time, following completion of requirements for both degrees.
  • A minimum of 122 credits must be completed to meet the requirements of the IS bachelor degree.
  • A maximum of 12 graduate credits can be completed while students are in undergraduate status.
  • A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours are required to meet the requirements of the MSIS degree. Up to 12 of these credits can be taken while an undergraduate, with any remaining credits taken as a graduate student.
  • International students are not eligible for the BS/MS program due to U.S. Government visa restrictions.
  • Once pre-screened and accepted to the BS/MS program, students may begin working with their MSIS academic advisor to develop a program of study to complete the MSIS degree. Students will continue to work with their undergraduate advisor to ensure that all requirements for the undergraduate degree have been met.
  • Students should work with their undergraduate advisor to delay their undergraduate graduation until they have completed the co-terminal degree program.
  • Students wishing to exit the co-terminal program can apply qualified undergraduate coursework toward their bachelor’s degree.
  • No student will be awarded a separate MSIS degree without satisfying all requirements for their bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduate courses taken as an undergraduate student will remain on the undergraduate record but will be recorded as credit toward the graduate degree.
  • Courses used to earn the undergraduate degree may not be used toward a graduate degree, nor may courses used to earn the graduate degree be used toward an undergraduate degree.
  • Students who drop out of the BS/MS program cannot use graduate credits toward their undergraduate degree and are not guaranteed acceptance of these credits toward any graduate degree.
Apply for the BS/MS Program