Salt Lake City

The University of Utah campus is perched above the blossoming Salt Lake City metropolitan area. Salt Lake City has evolved from a small outpost in the Wild West into a thriving metropolis that boasts an excellent business climate, technology hub, incredible natural beauty, world-class arts and entertainment opportunities and an unparalleled standard of living.

Discover the Silicon Slopes

Technology companies large, small and startup are abundant in and around the Wasatch Valley. Referred to as the Silicon Slopes, Salt Lake City’s thriving technology market is an excellent place for MSIS graduates.

Explore the Wasatch Valley

University of Utah students have free access to Utah’s public transportation system. Easily explore downtown Salt Lake City, head to the ski slopes and access the nearby international airport.

World-Class Recreation

Taking a break from studying? Unwind by hitting the slopes, taking a bike ride, joining a boutique fitness studio or hiking up one of the many trails just east of the University of Utah.

Live. Create. Launch.

Salt Lake City is home to a number of thriving entrepreneurs. Take your startup from idea to reality with resources from the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute.

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