Beyond the Classroom

Experiential Programs for MSF Students

At the David Eccles School of Business, we understand that a well-rounded business education is more than lectures and reading. MS Finance students take the knowledge gained in the classroom and put it into applicable practice. Through experiential programs such as the MSF project-consulting class, study trips and the Zions Bank bond-trading program, MSF students have frequent opportunities to gain hands-on finance skills and prepare for their post-graduate careers.

Study Trips

Part exploration and part networking, study trips can be one of the most inspiring and valuable parts of a graduate business program. Our MS Finance program coordinates two study trips per year, normally traveling to finance power destinations like New York City or San Francisco. Trips are typically held over fall and spring breaks and are two to three days in duration. On average, students will visit three to four companies per day and have additional informal networking opportunities with alumni in each destination. Study trips are designed to introduce students to a wide variety of finance-related disciplines, industries, and company cultures from start-up to Fortune 100. Trips are coordinated and led by finance program staff. Some financial assistance may be available to participating students.

Finance Projects Consulting Program

Our finance consulting class is one of our most in-demand programs for MS Finance students. Part curriculum and part experiential program, this consulting course allows students to work in small teams to tackle real-world strategic challenges under the guidance of Executive in Residence Kent Cannon. Recent consulting projects have included an international logistics analysis for KURU Footwear, a sustainability analysis for the city of Saratoga Springs, and a lease industry analysis for EquityMetrix Gas and Oil.

The class is held over one semester and meets weekly to review strategy and progress under Mr. Cannon’s expertise. In addition to using tools for financial analysis, consulting projects develop critical skills such as project planning, strategic analysis, professionalism, communication skills and working in teams.

Case Competitions

MS Finance students have numerous opportunities to participate in case competitions both locally and nationally. Case competitions are the intersection of the “real-world” and academics, providing students the chance to put their advanced finance skills into practice and to be judged by industry veterans. The networking, resources, and experience gained through case competitions is what puts MSF students ahead of the pack.

Fixed Income Class

Students have the unique opportunity to participate in a fixed income trading and analysis program taught by one of our esteemed faculty who has over ten years of Fixed Income Derivatives trading and research experience on Wall Street.  The course is designed to facilitate a real-time trading and research environment where participants gain hands on experience working with a real fund.

SEC Experiential Program

Available starting fall 2016,  MS Finance students will have the chance to participate in a new partnership program with the SEC. This program will include a two-semester professional experience at the Salt Lake City SEC headquarters. Students will have a chance to participate in projects that involve compliance and regulatory issues while learning more about the important role the SEC plays in the finance industry. This program will be open to a limited number of students and can be taken for credit. Program application is required. To find out more, contact


The ULISSES Project is a multidisciplinary project sponsored by the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business and hosted at the Center for High Performance Computing meant to promote research in the area of risk and investments. The project is a joint endeavor with top investment industry data and software companies. Specifically, the database contains comprehensive risk and market information for every traded stock in the world. In addition to the data, the ULISSES Project makes available to users cutting edge Decision Sciences technologies, the same as those used by the world’s largest asset managers and currently used to manage hundreds of billions USD in assets around the world.

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