Fast Track Application

Waive the GMAT/GRE Requirement

University of Utah undergraduate students who academically excel and meet the following fast track criteria may have the opportunity to waive the GMAT/GRE admission requirement. Eligible students must apply for fast track by completing the fast track application. Please know that approval of fast track only applies to a GMAT/GRE substitution, and applicants must submit and complete the online MSF program application for an official admissions decision.

Fast Track Criteria for All University of Utah Majors (Except Math):

A student from any major at the University of Utah must complete the following criteria for fast track eligibility:

Required MSF prerequisites for all majors except math:

Fast Track Criteria for University of Utah Math Majors:

The MSF and math courses at the University of Utah are highly quantitative. Math majors must complete the following criteria for fast track eligibility:

Required MSF prerequisites for math majors:

MSF Co-requisite:

The MSF program has one required co-requisite, Intermediate Excel (U of U- FINAN 4020). While this course is not a required for fast track eligibility, we highly encourage you to take this course as an undergraduate. Otherwise, students must satisfy this requirement during MSF program. Taking this as a graduate student is more expensive and will count as one of your electives. There is also a test-out option for the co-requisite. Contact for more information about the test-out option and to schedule your exam appointment.

How to Apply:

Complete your fast track application.

Be prepared to upload a copy of your unofficial transcript. The MSF admissions coordinator may contact you for an interview. Note that students aren’t required to collect recommendations; the MSF admissions coordinator will contact your selected professors.

For more information, please email or call 801-581-5588.