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The University of Utah School of Accounting is making a serious commitment to support women who want to enter the accounting profession. We stand with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) as they call upon firms and academic programs to honor the need for gender diversity in leadership positions in the profession.

While women consistently account for 50 percent of CPAs, they account for less than 9 percent of all CFOs and only 19 percent of partners at CPA firms nationwide.

The AICPA, through extensive research, has isolated the following key barriers in women’s attainment of leadership positions:

  • Lack of visible female role models in the industry.
  • Lack of career advocacy and advancement from senior members.

We are addressing these barriers head-on. The intent of the Women’s Mentoring Program is to provide mentorship and female role models to women at the start of their graduate education in preparation for their entrance into the workforce less than one year later.


  • Professional mentorship: Students will be paired with a professional woman in the field of accounting to serve as a mentor during the summer and/or fall semester.
  • Scholarship opportunity: Students accepted to the program are eligible to be considered for exclusive scholarship funds.
  • Networking: Students have the opportunity to be coached and interact with the professional community prior to or during the recruiting season.

How it Works

  • Students apply online to be a mentee.
  • If accepted, you’ll be matched with your mentor and can plan to meet with her twice during the course of the program.
  • If accepted, students will automatically be considered for scholarship opportunities and will be notified of any awards prior to fall semester.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible students will:

  • Self-identify as a woman
  • Be admitted to the MAcc program for Spring 2018, Fall 2018, or the MAcc Intensive program for Summer 2018
  • Not have accepted a full-time job offer after graduation and plan to participate in the professional recruiting cycle
  • Priority will be given to students from undergraduate institutions other than the University of Utah


  • Attendance at June kick-off event
    • (students entering spring and summer only)
  • Attendance at August social event
  • Attendance at two University of Utah professional development events
  • Attendance at two meetings with mentor
  • Attendance at December closing event

How to Apply

If interested, please contact Kris Fenn for application materials at Kris.Fenn@Eccles.Utah.edu.

Students entering spring & summer
Application deadline: April 27, 2018

Students entering fall
Application deadline: July 9, 2018

Who can Mentor?

We are looking for women in the accounting field to mentor women MAcc students before and during the heavy job recruiting season, which begins in late August. Your experience in the profession is invaluable to women students determining the direction of their career and exploring a career shift.  Since the program’s inception, we have seen a positive impact of the relationship on mentees in navigating the career search, work/life balance and long-term career ladders.

Impacting Classrooms & Boardrooms

The David Eccles School of Business has fewer women MAcc students than the nationwide average. Nationally, women make up 50% of all MAcc graduates. At the Eccles School, however, women account for 35% of our MAcc graduates.

We need your help to mentor and support our women students, and we believe this program will significantly impact the diversity in our classrooms and future boardrooms.


  • June – December time commitment
  • Willing to mentor 1-2 students
  • Attendance at 3 events for mentors and mentees:
    • June kick-off event
    • August kick-off event
    • December closing event
  • Two individual meetings with each mentee during the course of the program

How the Program Works

  • Complete the mentor application.
  • You will be matched with 1-2 mentees over the course of the program.
    • Note: Students starting the MAcc program Spring and Summer 2018 will participate in the summer mentoring session (Jun. – Dec.) Students starting the MAcc program in Fall 2018 will participate in the fall mentoring session (Aug. – Dec.).
  • After the summer and fall kick-off events, mentors will meet with mentees twice throughout the program.
  • All summer and fall mentors and mentees attend a closing celebration in December.

How to Become a Mentor

Complete the mentor application or contact Lindsay Nelson at Lindsay.Nelson@Eccles.Utah.edu for more information.

Become a Mentee
Become a Mentor