Prerequisite Courses

The following is a list of prerequisite courses for the MAcc program. One prerequisite course may be completed during the program as an elective. Six of the seven courses must be completed prior to entering the program.

ACCTG 5110 Financial Accounting I (3 credit hours)

First of a three-course sequence, the focus of which is preparation and analysis of corporate financial reports. Begins with a study of the inherent conflicts among managers, shareholders, creditors, employees, and other interested parties and introduces the role of financial reporting in providing relevant reliable information to these divergent users. Studies the measurement and reporting of revenue and expenses and the preparation and analysis of financial statements (including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow).

ACCTG 5120 Financial Accounting II (3 credit hours)

Continuation of coverage from Financial Accounting I. Focus is on preparation and analysis of corporate financial reports. Studies the measurement and reporting of assets, liabilities and equities.

ACCTG 5130 Financial Accounting III (3 credit hours)

Corporation acquisitions, mergers and the formation of other strategic alliances are staples of today’s business environment. The objective of the first two-thirds of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the nature and financial reporting aspects of the complex business transactions. Specific topics include accounting for business combinations and consolidations, joint ventures and foreign currency translation and segment reporting. The final third of the course is intended to provide students with a general understanding for the unique accounting and financial reporting issues facing nonprofit organizations and governmental entities.

ACCTG 5210 Management Accounting (3 credit hours)

Identification and development of relevant cost information for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing situations. Emphasis given to the regulatory, analytical and behavioral use of accounting information.

ACCTG 5310 Taxation I (3 credit hours)

Basic analysis of the federal tax system examining the role of taxation in society, sources of tax authority and critical areas in individual and business income taxation, including: gross income; deductions; basis determination; business losses; depreciation; nontaxable exchanges; sale of capital and business assets; and a survey of taxation of corporations, S-corporations and partnerships.

ACCTG 5410 Accounting Information Systems (3 credit hours)

Introduces students to the flow of information through the various accounting cycles and the corresponding internal controls. Examines the flow using the traditional accounting model with an emphasis on the procedures of accounting and the use of current database technology, including data modeling.

ACCTG 5510 Accounting Auditing (3 credit hours)

Overview of the basic theory and concepts associated with the attest function, including the various types of audits; objective of audit engagements; political, legal, social and ethical environment in which auditors work; and procedures used by auditors in meeting their objectives.

Not a University of Utah Student?

Use the transfer equivalency guide to see if your accounting courses from another institution meet the requirements. For further assistance with transfer equivalencies, please contact the MAcc admissions coordinator.

Not an Accounting Undergraduate?

You must have your transcript(s) reviewed as additional prerequisites may apply. Read more detailed guidelines for non-accounting undergraduates or you might want to consider our MAcc Intensive program.