Goff Strategic Leadership

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Mastering Strategic Leadership

You may be an experienced leader, but have you mastered Strategic Leadership? The challenges of setting strategic direction while leading others require both solid analytic capabilities and strong interpersonal skills. Yet acquiring these hard and soft skills is still no guarantee of success. Only practical knowledge of how to apply those skills to existing frameworks, the ability to identify opportunities for change/growth, and a constant vigilance for challenges on the horizon will set you and your organization on the right course.

Strategic Leadership of Change

Growth requires changes in approaches, perspectives, processes, and routines. This program provides proven frameworks to determine where and how to focus for effective change leadership. We demonstrate how you can tailor proven successful approaches to your own domain, and provide support as you test the concepts. Agility is ineffective without strategic guidelines and leadership.

3D Vision for Strategic Leaders

Insight combines both intuition and analysis to find sources of value appropriate to your team. Foresight enables you to take a position about future events using current information and strategic leadership skills. Cross-sight breaks out of the confines of your industry to find new sources of value and collaborative partners. Taken together, these 3 types of vision ensure effective and competitive growth.

The Essential Strategic Leadership Toolkit

Just like a master craftsman, every successful strategic leader relies on a set of specialized tools. But are you going back to your basic analyses and approaches over and over, unaware that a new tool might enable you and your team to work more efficiently and/or effectively? Tools by themselves don’t create value, but they have almost limitless possibilities in the hands of experienced users, especially in the area of Strategic Leadership.