Lean Project Management (Online)

Take the complexity out of project management by applying Lean principles to your processes. This free, online program provides an introduction to Lean methods of managing projects, and equips participants with a simple technique for one-page project management.

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Streamline and simplify your approach to project management

Program Description

This introduction to Lean project management is relevant to any employee at any level—not just project managers—and provides guidance on standardizing processes and bringing greater transparency to project management. You will learn basic techniques for eliminating waste, visualizing problems and using simple language to communicate project statuses with various stakeholders. We encourage organizations to gain the most benefit from this program by registering their whole team.

This program takes about four hours to complete.

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Program Tuition: Free

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In This Program

Learn a simple language and system for standardizing and streamlining projects.
Understand how Lean principles can solve common problems and eliminate waste.
Discover how to make project-management processes more transparent, repeatable and sustainable.
Use people and resources more effectively to move your business forward.
Learn a Lean-driven technique for one-page project management.
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