The Essential Strategic Leadership Toolkit

Just like a master craftsman, every successful strategic leader relies on a set of specialized tools. But are you going back to your basic analyses and approaches over and over, unaware that a new tool might enable you and your team to work more efficiently and/or effectively? Tools by themselves don’t create value, but they have almost limitless possibilities in the hands of experienced users, especially in the area of Strategic Leadership.

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Build your Strategic Leadership Toolkit and learn how to use it.

Program Description

Does everyone need a Strategic Leadership toolkit? Many Strategic Leaders are successful in problem solving and prioritizing critical activities using their intuition and approaches they have developed on their own. To scale these skills across an organization – particularly across a growing organization – is nearly impossible unless these approaches are communicated in a systematic and replicable way.

This program will help individuals and teams build a shared set of Strategic Leadership tools and approaches, along with a common language for problem solving and measuring progress against growth goals and strategic initiatives. While we don’t advocate a cookie cutter approach to Strategic Leadership with templates and ‘fill in the blanks,’ we want to minimize the time that talented individuals spend creating tools from scratch. Every participant will leave the program with a suite of approaches to common Strategic Leadership challenges and an over-arching framework of when to use each tool.

Throughout this 5-day program, interactive sessions will introduce proven processes, tools and frameworks. Participants will have the opportunity to tailor the materials to their own situation. Especially when 3 or more team members can attend together, the impact on your organization can be significant and almost immediate.

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Upcoming Dates

The Essential Strategic Leadership Toolkit, Spring 2018

22 May 2018 - 26 May 2018

The Essential Strategic Leadership Toolkit, Fall 2018

12 November 2018 - 16 November 2018

Program Tuition: $3,000

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In This Program

Frame problems and set priorities.
Create distinctive, high-value strategies.
Confidently make decisions in the face of uncertainty.
Develop and implement Corporate Theory.
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