Compensation: Developing a Win-Win Strategy

Get the strategic guidance you need to exceed your sales and performance goals. In this practical program, you’ll learn frameworks for motivating desired behavior, developing realistic goals, incentivizing teams to rally around goals, troubleshooting and solving relevant problems, and balancing risks and rewards.

Optimize employee performance through incentive models that work.

Program Description

As a manager, do you find it difficult to balance risk and incentives when working toward sales and performance goals? Designing the incentive structures to help your team achieve their best can be challenging. How do you incentivize the correct behaviors and ensure that there aren’t unintended consequences? How do you balance incentives and goals within a diverse team with different interests? Based upon the latest breakthrough research in the field, this program will give you the tools and frameworks to tackle all of those challenges.

Upcoming Dates

Program Tuition: $1,500

In This Program

Learn methods for developing goals for sales, performance, budgeting, etc.
Develop strategies to motivate and incentivize employees to meet company goals.
Discover key questions you should ask when developing an action plan.