It is a truth universally acknowledged that every student hates finals. But hate them or not, finals are just around the corner here at the David Eccles School of Business. Students are frantically trying to complete assignments, do a semester’s worth of homework or complete extra credit (if the professor allows it). Here are some feelings that Eccles School students are having right now.

5 Feelings business students have about finals

  1. Trying to figure out if they are failing a class at this exact moment.1
  2. Trying to squeeze in those Out Of Class Participation (OOCP) requirements.2
  3. Since your accounting project is over, you need to finish the entire semester’s worth of homework in three weeks.3
  4. Going through the syllabus trying to figure out the professor’s feelings on extra credit or see if there is a loophole.4
  5. Wondering how some students are showing up to class well groomed and well slept because you haven’t slept in days.5


Good luck on finals everyone! curve